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Company introduction HARBIN KEDEWEI METALLURGY CO.,LTD. is a national hi-tech and listed Chinese enterprise.

We have focused on the new Technology and equipment of new materials for 20 years. We have a full set of technology of The Alloy cored wire and we have export license of alloy.


Our products and technical services are welcomed deeply by the domestic and international customer. (Italy, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, India, Brazil, Indonesia)

We could provide the following products and services:

1. Cored-Wire Treatment Stations for producing nodular and vermicular cast iron. And the entire process technology services.

2. All types of feeding machines for steel mill.( These feeders are our products for DANIELI and SMS, and we have all the intellectual property)

3. All types of alloy cored wires.

4. The high-performance production line of the cored wire. (We name it "Mini Factory for Cored wire production")

5. Production line of solid Ca wire.

6. Small castings grinding machine.

7. Wire rope twist system equipment.

8. Friction welder.



Address:China - Heilongjiang - Harbin high tech Industrial Development Zone Yingbin Road District No. 17 Dianchi Road

Tel:+86-451-84348468/84348469  Fax:+86-451-84348469

Enterprise e-mail:coredwire@126.com