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Company's superiority:

KeDeWei (Cored Wire) company is a private high-tech enterprise which set the science, industry and trade, and production, study and research in one. The applied technology is its main research direction, Serves for the enterprise is its essential target. They possess following superiorities in the development and application of cored wire technology:

1. They are the pioneers of cored wire technique in China, and also the major undertaker of Metallurgical Department "75" key research projects --Development and application of cored wire, and has more 30 years of experience in cored wire application area;

2. They summarized a set of basic theory concerning cored wire technique and empirical formula for the calculation of feeding parameters, so that can produce various grades of ductile iron castings under industry condition without any pre-experiment;

3. They completed various treatment tasks of molten steel ( including deoxidization, desulfurization, inclusion

modification, alloying, micro-alloying, and trimming addition) in 10, 30, 80, 100, 180 and 300 tons ladle;

4. They produced various grades of the ductile iron castings having different size and section, with weight from hundreds of grams to 100 tons, using molten iron from cupola, induction furnace and arc furnace;

5. They designed and established more 90 treatment stations with capacity from 0.5 to 250t used for the desulphurization, nodularization and inoculation of molten iron in China

6. They have own talent and technique supporter such as Harbin University of Science and Engineering; 

7 .They have own r&d, design and technical workers team,

8. They are the supporting production unit of famous Danieli metallurgical equipment company;

9.They are able to meet user’s requirements from various alloys and cored wires to treatment stations, and to

undertake "turnkey" engineering.

Our commitment:

1. Ensure that the equipment provided with excellent quality;

2. If the treatment station provided does not reach the requirement in technical agreement, immediate refund all money received.

3. Assist factory to carry out the configuration design of treatment station;

4. Guide the industry application test, provide technical know-how, partake effective thermal test more 5 ladles;

5. A preferential price and timely supply of spare parts;

6. If the device provided occurred failure, and can not be resolved by factory, regardless of who is to blame, 2 days after receiving the notice sent to the scene for processing;

7. Free carry out lectures and training about the theory and practice of cored wire technique;

8. Ensure that the first test to reach the desired technical requirements and indicators.


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Address:China - Heilongjiang - Harbin high tech Industrial Development Zone Yingbin Road District No. 17 Dianchi Road

Tel:+86-451-84348468/84348469  Fax:+86-451-84348469

Enterprise e-mail:coredwire@126.com